Ayurveda and Skin Health: Then and Now
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Glowing skin and complexion dates back to the Vedic age when it was more than just an organ but its colour was crucial. The Vedas, particularly Atharvaveda, has focused more on medicinal topics and Ayurveda. It has mentioned about skin ailments and the importance of taking care of the largest organ of the body. What we sometimes forget is the fact that it’s not the colour of the skin, but the health of the skin which needs to be discussed. Most of its part is always exposed to sun, dust, pollution and foreign elements, so cleaning it externally is sometimes not sufficient. Skin needs to be nourished from within so that it reflects on the outer side.

Inborn glowing skin is a bliss but not all the people are fortunate enough. Homely remedies like putting turmeric paste, honey, milk and dairy products, papaya and besan are some of the time-consuming ways that help your skin to stay young and glowing. But, in this hectic era, who has the time to spare for skin health? So, they choose to visit a salon without knowing the harm that the chemical products are doing to their skin.

Then what is the solution?

Is there no way we can protect our skin?

Of course, there is! iGlow, the Ayurvedic drink for glowing skin, is especially curated with the influence of the traditional medicinal system and validated by science. iGlow consists of Saffron from Kashmir valley, plant collagen, kojic acid and several other organic ingredients. It’s a nutricosmetic backed by advanced Ayurveda which helps the skin to glow from inside out and conditions beauty from within. Apart from imparting a glow, it helps in even toning, moisturizing, brightening and beautifying the largest organ of the human body. Start sipping iGlow and feel the magic in your skin. Get the dreamy glow!

iGlow is a nutricosmetic wellness supplement infused with goodness of saffron from Kashmir valley.


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