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Hi friends, I welcome you to our blogs section. In today’s blog we will discuss about the concept of beauty. The real beauty is not through artificial make up, but it lies beneath, the real beauty is from within.

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it is our responsibility to take proper care of our skin.

Well, beauty is not only defined by the way we look. As we say beauty is internal, there are so many parameters that define the real beauty.

Healthy glowing skin is one of the parameters that adds a feather in the cap.

Ayurveda holds many skin care secrets within it, be it the tips to maintain a healthy skin, recipes of oils and medicament to apply onto skin, exercise, massages or foods to eat for having a glowing skin.

Ayurveda specially emphasises on the food intake for overall skin wellness.

Saffron is one ingredient that is much talked about in this traditional system of medicine for its ultimate benefits that it provides to the skin.

As per Ayurveda, it helps in treating acne, healing scars, giving a natural glow, toning skin, reducing pigmentation and fighting inflammation.

With this inspiration from Ayurveda, IndusViva crafted a speciality product iGlow for people who give utmost respect and honour to their skin.

Being crowned as the richest spice on earth, this Saffron in iGlow not only lightens the skin tone but also improves and reduces hyperpigmentation; thanks to its rich phyto-constituents.

The beauty of iGlow is, it just doesn’t stop at Saffron, but loaded with multiple fruity ingredients.

These fruit derivatives act as antioxidants to provide protection from free radicals which are known to damage skin.

This iGlow is also enriched with plant collagen to give strength to the skin and bring in the tonicity and structure to the skin.

Kojic acid in iGlow helps in lightening the visible skin damage, age spots or scars.

Skin cosmetics are generally applied on skin as we talk of beauty from within but iGlow is meant for oral consumption. This power packed sachet of iGlow ensures complete package for your skin requirements.

Isn’t it simple to have a healthy glowing skin?
Ingredients in iGlow not only helps in maintaining a healthy glowing skin, but also overall good health. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of iGlow helps repair the system from within and strengthens the overall beauty thus giving a reason for people to take a second look at you, the natural you.

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